Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Patner

My partner at class Computer Application in Management (STID 1103) is a boy.His name is Xing XiaoTong.Matric no is 228730 and he is 20 years old.He come from Chan An,China and currently is taking international business course in UUM for the first year and staying at Dpp Proton.

He come to Malaysia with a group of China friends.He will choose to study in UUM because he think UUM have a good education system and this is a good chance for him to learn different culture and improve his English levels.

Coincidentally,we both are taking same course and born in May.He is born at 7th May 1993 but i am born at 3rd May 1991.So,i'm older than him 2 years.By the way, I think we are quite alike in some ways because we are having the same horoscope,that's Taurus! We both are money lovers and also money makers. ;)

He likes sports and likes to playing table tennis with friends when free.His hobby are running and surfing the internet.I can prove that he is really like to surf the internet as you can always see him holding his iPhone anytime and anywhere and touching the screen non stop.Moreover,He like to communicate with friends and family by using some social networking like Weibo, Wechat, Line, Instagram, Facebook and so on. His favourite colour is blue.

As i know,he is an nonreligious and also do not have an particular favourite idol.His favourite song is "As long as you love me".

My impression on him is that he is a very cool person.He doesn't like to talk much and very quiet.I hope we can know each other more and become a good friend in the future. :)

Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Chasing My Dream :)

The word ''dream'' makes my soul itch in a way that I would describe as uncomfortable. Probably because I think that there's a ''never going to happen'' factor to that word. And I've seen people with huge dreams never make an effort to go after them. Probably I'm just scared to become one of them. Like I've said - I'm only human. Fear is something that every single person experiences once in a while. But fear for me is a motivation to become fearless. And I'm going to spit fear in it's face by showing that I won't let it slow me down or force me to choose the safe road.

There's a quote that says that if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough. Well , luckily my dreams scare the hell out of me!

The life I have planned for myself is a perfect combination of my best features coming to use. So let me tell you all about it.

  *I want to work as a life coach and a part-time actress*

                                   *I want to be surrounded with inspiring, creative and positive people*

* i want to travel around the world*

         *I want to buy a small apartment with big windows and a balcony and fill it with cushions, fluffy carpets, tons of candles, love and personality*

*I want to own an office with a beautiful view, that can be locked from inside so that my creativity can come to life no matter the weather or mood*

I often dream about that day to come.. The day when I wake up and realize that my dreams are not dreams anymore. Can you imagine ALL of your dreams coming true? Well I can.. And that's the scary part. 
We can't actually plan our lives. We can try our best to reach our goals but sometimes life has other plans for us. I just hope that me and life are on the same page with this.. 
And I'm going to make an effort.. And every drop of blood, sweat and tears will be worth it. The most important part is that I'm going to have a blast while doing it! 


Friday, 18 April 2014

Moustache Houze @ Campbell Street, Penang

Recently,there were many cafe opened at Georgetown,Penang.Out of them, Moustache Houze is the one that strongly recommend by my friend and some food blogger. This is a theme cafe in a heritage core zone of Georgetown, where you can spend your day with your friends.

Moustache Houze is situated towards the end of Campbell Street, Georgetown and very easy to be found 
The cozy and homely ambience with some funky interior design. Everything inside cafe is eye-catching and attractive.

Can you spot they are actually using water pipe as rack?! Awesome idea.

As well as mural paint on the wall and a Christmas tree as the decorations. I specially love the lighting. It makes the cafe looked warmth.

Moustache Houze serves many option of cakes and beverage daily. I spent some time standing in front of all these cake. I had a hard time to decide which flavor should choose. Dilemma!!

Ordered cakes and beverages, and friends took this for us haha. Some props for photo shooting.

Waiter served our cakes instantly. We choose three different flavor. Share share with friends so we can try different flavor.

#A beautifully sandwiched with fluffy sponge and nuts on top, Tiramisu which apparently one of their best seller. This is a must-try item!!

#My always favourites - Oreo Cheese, not as sweet, but just cheessssyyyy!!!

#Banana Torte, where consists of layers of cake, with banana slice in between. This is very banana-ish. I thick this should be a mad love by banana lovers.

#Cappuccino with fake coffee art on top haha. The moustache logo on the cup is so adorable. I so wanna bring it back for collection. I'm not a professional coffee lover but I drink coffee quite often. But their cappuccino not bad la..

Close-up in case you want to see clearly.


Moustache Houze
Address: No. 24, Lebuh Campbell, 10100 Penang Georgetown
Telephone: 04-262 2228
Business hour: 4.30pm to 10.00pm (Daily)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoustacheHouze?fref=ts

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Shila Amzah ♥

Nur Shahila binti Amir Amzah (born August 13, 1990) or popularly known by her commercial name Shila Amzah, is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, musician and actress. The daughter of famous 1980s era Malaysian singer Amir Amzah or knownly as ND Lala, she was the runner-up of the second season of One in a Million in 2007 and the winner of Asia New Singer Competition in 2008. In 2012, she became the champion of the inaugural season of the Chinese reality competition, Asian Wave. She has been accoladed as Asia's Sweetheart.She has been also acknowledged as one of the YouTube personalities, having more people watch her singing videos when playing acoustic guitar with creative tone on her YouTube's channel.

I  pay attention to her when i starting to watch a show from China that called " I AM A SINGER".She had an awesome voice and performances during the show and i really admire her so much!She not only have a good singing skills but also have a very good personality.She is very humble, friendly and optimistic,i always can see her smiling face on the show..She is sooo CUTE and yet pretty.I can also feel her efforts on the show.She had tried hard to speak Chinese fluently and sing Chinese song and she really did well! She is an talented singer indeed.Additionally,she is come from Malaysia!* Clap clap .Felt so proud of her..thumb up! 

Here's some of the performances of her during the show" I am a singer"
                 Shila Amzah - Listen (I Am A Singer Ep 09 - 07032014).She won the 3rd place in this episode.

                           Shila Amzah sing Chinese song : Xiang Ni De Ye and won 2nd place in the episode.

The official facebook page of Shila Amzah -  https://www.facebook.com/ShilaAmzahOfficial


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bake Cake Day :D

Yesterday,i was spending my day with my girls for a baking session..weeeeeeee...We are desire to do so for a long time!finally yesterday we make it!oh yeah~!*you don't know how excited am i* hehe.

okay..talk about yesterday..we are going to AEON BIG supermarket that near our house to buy some ingredient that used bake the cake.We had decided to bake a Lemon Pudding Cake!So,we went to AEON BIG about 1.30pm and brought some basic ingredient like cake flour,lemon,grape,sugar,butter and so on. 
p/s:the yogurt is not included for baking cake ingredient but for ourselves..LOL.

These are the ingredient we brought.

After brought the ingredient that we needed,we are heading back to my house to bake the cake.

We put the ingredient into some bowl and plate.

Okay!now we start to make the cake!

my friend is making lemon juice with her bright smile..haha..see..how happy she was.

My another friend which responsible for sliding the lemon into pieces.

And me! is the one who responsible to melt the butter~

The reference book. :)

and then we gonna stir the egg protein until it can't fall even we turn it upside down.

After that,we mixed all the remainder ingredient together in this big bowl.

And pour it into the bake ware and put into oven.

Okay..what's gonna do after this..is WAIT......and WAIT...And while we are waiting.....SUDDENLY!my friend zhi ying shout out :" HEY!!!there got smoke out!! OMG! what come into my mind is , do my oven gonna burn out?!! And then we immediately go to the oven and have a look..
Dan-danggggggg..i guess you guy definitely know what is happening right?
ya..our cake is officially FAILED ><

Haissss..we are so disappointing and everyone's mood are ruined and destroyed ..:(
But then,we decided to make a new one again!as we had a " NEVER GIVE UP" spirit! haha..We repeated the steps above and put into the oven one more time.This time,everyone of us not dare to leave away from the oven and keep staring on the oven.After about 40 minute ,we took the cake from the oven..

OH YEAH!!! WE'RE DONE!!and this time,the cake is baked perfectly :))

WE decorate it with some grapes and potato crushes..this cake looked so lovely right?!
haha..OF COURSE! cause this is baked by us,by ourselves..don't you doubt it..this cake is really taste yummy and delicious!INDEED!..haha.. We are happy for the outcome and promise to baked together again next time!

Although we was failed in the beginning . but we were success in finally! baking cake is just like the lesson of life..We should never give up and keep trying and i believe we sure can make it and success in one day! XD Anyway..i have an enjoyable day and happy baking time with my girls!HAPPY ! :D :D :D

Saturday, 5 April 2014

graphic application software

Recently i discover several fun and nice graphic application software.
These include Pho.to Lab,Visualator and Photoshop.

Among all these,i most like photo.to.lab because it is a fun photo editor and very easy to use!
Pho.to Lab boasts one of the vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects: more than 570 effects to date! Fantastic face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects ,photo filters and so on.Pho.to Lab is an app that lets you add effects, frames, and text to a photo. You can use the Pho.to Lab interface to find the category of effect you want, then edit the image and apply the effect before saving it. The library of effects is really quite impressive. Want to be on the cover of a magazine? Lots available. Want to make your photo look like an impressionistic painting, or done in charcoals? It's a few seconds away. Need to put a hat on someone? Easy to do. The possibilities for altering photos are both fun and interesting, and choosing just one effect, especially in the early days of using the app, is difficult. Once you've created your new photo, you can share it on social media sites with a quick click!

Here's is some picture that i edited by using Pho.to Lab.
me on the magazine cover
Me in the coffee latte
full of my face in a flower shape
me on the LCD TV

Boxer me

Jackie Chan also love me..LOL

Whereas, Visualator is a apps that can let you create stunning abstract imagery with your fingertips. Play with colour, shape and form to produce vibrant collages on the move, that you can then use in your design work.

                This is the image i created and edited by using Visualator..not bad right? xp

And,Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems.I not really like to use Photoshop because i think it's more difficult to use and quite complex for me..However,i used to learn about Photoshop due to my co curricular activity that taken on my 1st and 2nd semester.

Here is one of the image that i edited by using Photoshop.
this is original picture

this is the image after i edited

All these graphic application are fun and nice right?!let's have a try now! :D

Monday, 31 March 2014

Rainy day

Finally!!!Finally, today is raining!is been a while no raining and the hot weather is really torturing me.I very like rainy day because the air is so refreshing and it make me feel relaxing..

I love rainy day,i love the sound of steady rain hitting the roof at night. 
The consistent, drum-beat pattern of falling raindrops has a very calming and relaxing effect that allows me to steal away in my thoughts and contemplate, dream and reflect. 

To me,that says that the rain helps to put you in touch with what's truly inside of you, which is the essence of the spiritual side of life.Like tears, rain represents stormy weather, cleansing and new beginnings! Painful experiences cause you to cry but those tears help to cleanse your soul of pent up emotions, frustration and pain. And when you're finished crying, you "recover" and start all over again!

The world seems to be renewed in the same way, after it rains. The grass stands a little taller, the leaves look a little brighter, the streets seem a little cleaner and a new beginning seems to start. And when a huge, bright rainbow appears you almost can't stop yourself from believing at that very moment, that something good is out there at it's end!

Simple love the rainy day..I gonna sleep tight with the accompanied of rain now..goodnight and sweet dream everyone!