Friday, 18 April 2014

Moustache Houze @ Campbell Street, Penang

Recently,there were many cafe opened at Georgetown,Penang.Out of them, Moustache Houze is the one that strongly recommend by my friend and some food blogger. This is a theme cafe in a heritage core zone of Georgetown, where you can spend your day with your friends.

Moustache Houze is situated towards the end of Campbell Street, Georgetown and very easy to be found 
The cozy and homely ambience with some funky interior design. Everything inside cafe is eye-catching and attractive.

Can you spot they are actually using water pipe as rack?! Awesome idea.

As well as mural paint on the wall and a Christmas tree as the decorations. I specially love the lighting. It makes the cafe looked warmth.

Moustache Houze serves many option of cakes and beverage daily. I spent some time standing in front of all these cake. I had a hard time to decide which flavor should choose. Dilemma!!

Ordered cakes and beverages, and friends took this for us haha. Some props for photo shooting.

Waiter served our cakes instantly. We choose three different flavor. Share share with friends so we can try different flavor.

#A beautifully sandwiched with fluffy sponge and nuts on top, Tiramisu which apparently one of their best seller. This is a must-try item!!

#My always favourites - Oreo Cheese, not as sweet, but just cheessssyyyy!!!

#Banana Torte, where consists of layers of cake, with banana slice in between. This is very banana-ish. I thick this should be a mad love by banana lovers.

#Cappuccino with fake coffee art on top haha. The moustache logo on the cup is so adorable. I so wanna bring it back for collection. I'm not a professional coffee lover but I drink coffee quite often. But their cappuccino not bad la..

Close-up in case you want to see clearly.


Moustache Houze
Address: No. 24, Lebuh Campbell, 10100 Penang Georgetown
Telephone: 04-262 2228
Business hour: 4.30pm to 10.00pm (Daily)

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