Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My university-Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

Today,i would like to introduce about my university,that is Universiti Utara Malaysia.UUM was established on 16 February 1984 under the Universiti Utara Malaysia 1984 Order. The university was corporatised on 23 April 1998. The university is located in Sintok, Kedah.

UUM is my first choice,so when i get to UUM i was very happy and excited.Still remember my feeling when the orientation weeks,i was so nervous and also curious about everything.But now,i m a last semester student and also very familiar with the environment of UUM. Time flies~~

UUM is located in a small town and quite out of the way,so it is always have given the name of "jungle".So,UUM student doesn't have much entertainment there because the nearest town,Changlun is also located  10km far from UUM.In Changlun,there have a supermarket called C-Mart,There have some shops like Watsons,Bowling Centre,Hello burger and etc.Students can have a walk there when no class and buy some daily supplements at there.

Okay.From what you imagine ,you must think that UUM is really a boring place right.Then,you are totally wrong.Inside UUM,there have many activities you can do also.For example,Go-Kart, sauna,archery,playing tennis and badminton,golf,gym,hiking,swimming  and so on.Not only that,There are also a lot of events will be organised by the school and sometimes they will invited some famous singer to anticipated the events.So,UUM for sure is not a place that will disappoint u down.

Go-kart UUM
 Olympic size swimming pool 

Gym room

Besides that, scenery in UUM also is not a joke.There are many beautiful places that you can have a walk and take some nice pictures.

Dewan MAS
Water fountain near library
Front door UUM
 Islamic Centre Mosque Sultan Badlishah

UUM also providing health care centre and library for all the students.

The University Health Centre provides a comprehensive health service that covers medical and dental treatment, counseling, first aid, surgery, and medication for students and staff. Other facilities include a computerized hematology laboratory, an imaging and diagnostic laboratory, and also pediatric and ante-natal clinical services.

The Sultanah Bahiyah Library is a fully automated library as it has in place an integrated library system known as LINTAS (Library Information Technology Automated System). The library has 1,042,871 items in its collections, including 292,538 volumes of printed materials, 654,139 items of non-printed materials and 96,194 items in electronic / digitized form.
The library currently subscribes to 29,262 titles from prestigious electronic journals and 42,000 titles from electronic books. Online collections and services have helped to facilitate and promote the use of information by its clients. The online collection is also made available to registered members via the internet, anytime, anywhere.

So, that's all that i intro about UUM.If you are interest to know about the further information of UUM,please have a visit at  .

Last but not least,i could tell that i really proud to be the student of UUM! :)

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