Monday, 31 March 2014

Rainy day

Finally!!!Finally, today is raining!is been a while no raining and the hot weather is really torturing me.I very like rainy day because the air is so refreshing and it make me feel relaxing..

I love rainy day,i love the sound of steady rain hitting the roof at night. 
The consistent, drum-beat pattern of falling raindrops has a very calming and relaxing effect that allows me to steal away in my thoughts and contemplate, dream and reflect. 

To me,that says that the rain helps to put you in touch with what's truly inside of you, which is the essence of the spiritual side of life.Like tears, rain represents stormy weather, cleansing and new beginnings! Painful experiences cause you to cry but those tears help to cleanse your soul of pent up emotions, frustration and pain. And when you're finished crying, you "recover" and start all over again!

The world seems to be renewed in the same way, after it rains. The grass stands a little taller, the leaves look a little brighter, the streets seem a little cleaner and a new beginning seems to start. And when a huge, bright rainbow appears you almost can't stop yourself from believing at that very moment, that something good is out there at it's end!

Simple love the rainy day..I gonna sleep tight with the accompanied of rain now..goodnight and sweet dream everyone! 

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