Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Patner

My partner at class Computer Application in Management (STID 1103) is a boy.His name is Xing XiaoTong.Matric no is 228730 and he is 20 years old.He come from Chan An,China and currently is taking international business course in UUM for the first year and staying at Dpp Proton.

He come to Malaysia with a group of China friends.He will choose to study in UUM because he think UUM have a good education system and this is a good chance for him to learn different culture and improve his English levels.

Coincidentally,we both are taking same course and born in May.He is born at 7th May 1993 but i am born at 3rd May 1991.So,i'm older than him 2 years.By the way, I think we are quite alike in some ways because we are having the same horoscope,that's Taurus! We both are money lovers and also money makers. ;)

He likes sports and likes to playing table tennis with friends when free.His hobby are running and surfing the internet.I can prove that he is really like to surf the internet as you can always see him holding his iPhone anytime and anywhere and touching the screen non stop.Moreover,He like to communicate with friends and family by using some social networking like Weibo, Wechat, Line, Instagram, Facebook and so on. His favourite colour is blue.

As i know,he is an nonreligious and also do not have an particular favourite idol.His favourite song is "As long as you love me".

My impression on him is that he is a very cool person.He doesn't like to talk much and very quiet.I hope we can know each other more and become a good friend in the future. :)

Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me

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