Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bake Cake Day :D

Yesterday,i was spending my day with my girls for a baking session..weeeeeeee...We are desire to do so for a long time!finally yesterday we make it!oh yeah~!*you don't know how excited am i* hehe. about yesterday..we are going to AEON BIG supermarket that near our house to buy some ingredient that used bake the cake.We had decided to bake a Lemon Pudding Cake!So,we went to AEON BIG about 1.30pm and brought some basic ingredient like cake flour,lemon,grape,sugar,butter and so on. 
p/s:the yogurt is not included for baking cake ingredient but for ourselves..LOL.

These are the ingredient we brought.

After brought the ingredient that we needed,we are heading back to my house to bake the cake.

We put the ingredient into some bowl and plate.

Okay!now we start to make the cake!

my friend is making lemon juice with her bright happy she was.

My another friend which responsible for sliding the lemon into pieces.

And me! is the one who responsible to melt the butter~

The reference book. :)

and then we gonna stir the egg protein until it can't fall even we turn it upside down.

After that,we mixed all the remainder ingredient together in this big bowl.

And pour it into the bake ware and put into oven.

Okay..what's gonna do after WAIT......and WAIT...And while we are waiting.....SUDDENLY!my friend zhi ying shout out :" HEY!!!there got smoke out!! OMG! what come into my mind is , do my oven gonna burn out?!! And then we immediately go to the oven and have a look..
Dan-danggggggg..i guess you guy definitely know what is happening right?
ya..our cake is officially FAILED ><

Haissss..we are so disappointing and everyone's mood are ruined and destroyed ..:(
But then,we decided to make a new one again!as we had a " NEVER GIVE UP" spirit! haha..We repeated the steps above and put into the oven one more time.This time,everyone of us not dare to leave away from the oven and keep staring on the oven.After about 40 minute ,we took the cake from the oven..

OH YEAH!!! WE'RE DONE!!and this time,the cake is baked perfectly :))

WE decorate it with some grapes and potato crushes..this cake looked so lovely right?!
haha..OF COURSE! cause this is baked by us,by ourselves..don't you doubt it..this cake is really taste yummy and delicious!INDEED!..haha.. We are happy for the outcome and promise to baked together again next time!

Although we was failed in the beginning . but we were success in finally! baking cake is just like the lesson of life..We should never give up and keep trying and i believe we sure can make it and success in one day! XD Anyway..i have an enjoyable day and happy baking time with my girls!HAPPY ! :D :D :D

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