Saturday, 12 April 2014

Shila Amzah ♥

Nur Shahila binti Amir Amzah (born August 13, 1990) or popularly known by her commercial name Shila Amzah, is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, musician and actress. The daughter of famous 1980s era Malaysian singer Amir Amzah or knownly as ND Lala, she was the runner-up of the second season of One in a Million in 2007 and the winner of Asia New Singer Competition in 2008. In 2012, she became the champion of the inaugural season of the Chinese reality competition, Asian Wave. She has been accoladed as Asia's Sweetheart.She has been also acknowledged as one of the YouTube personalities, having more people watch her singing videos when playing acoustic guitar with creative tone on her YouTube's channel.

I  pay attention to her when i starting to watch a show from China that called " I AM A SINGER".She had an awesome voice and performances during the show and i really admire her so much!She not only have a good singing skills but also have a very good personality.She is very humble, friendly and optimistic,i always can see her smiling face on the show..She is sooo CUTE and yet pretty.I can also feel her efforts on the show.She had tried hard to speak Chinese fluently and sing Chinese song and she really did well! She is an talented singer indeed.Additionally,she is come from Malaysia!* Clap clap .Felt so proud of her..thumb up! 

Here's some of the performances of her during the show" I am a singer"
                 Shila Amzah - Listen (I Am A Singer Ep 09 - 07032014).She won the 3rd place in this episode.

                           Shila Amzah sing Chinese song : Xiang Ni De Ye and won 2nd place in the episode.

The official facebook page of Shila Amzah -


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